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Q: While designing a living area which essential factors should be taken care?

Susan: When designing a living area the essential factors I always consider relate to the natural elements. My number one priority is where  is the light coming from?

I am a total nature lover so I am always trying to create a layout that revolves around the view of the ever-changing outside world. I like to allow the light in and plan the arrangement around that. Another integral priority is the function. How will the space be used? Is it a place for a quiet retreat? Is it one to gather and entertain or is it a combination?  In this case a casual and considered flexible environment is important.

I love a place that encourages good flow. So I like to consider where the primary and secondary entrances are. Once the general layout and function is determined in comes the layers, the fun, and the style.



KNOF design wins Best of HOUZZ 2017

KNOF design of London, United Kingdom
Awarded Best Of Houzz 2017

Over 40 Million Monthly Unique Users Nominated Best Home Improvement and Design Professionals in the UK and Around the World

LONDON, United Kingdom January 17, 2017 – KNOF design of London
has won “Best Of Design” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home renovation and design. The “The award winning global interior design firm servicing residential and recreational luxury property and
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PROF KNOF: Architectural Healing


SEEING THE LIGHT | Architecture as a means of healing. 

Every time I am in New York I like to come here for a moment of reflection. The World Trade Center Hub Oculus designed by Santiago Calatrava is a dynamic physical structure as a symbol of strength, healing, and growth from a place of pain. Santiago Calatrava has long been one of my favourite architects, better known for building bridges than buildings it is clear to see that he is a natural connector. In life we have a choice we can keep a wound alive or we can choose to grow from it, to build with new meaning, presence, and spirit.

To me, this is such a dynamic and significant structure. Rather than allowing the site to remain empty as a representation of fear, terror, and pain, Calatrava has created a unique futuristic building symbolising hope, growth, and restored faith. It also connects. It is a main transportation hub connecting New York and New Jersey while also intentionally providing a spiritual connection to the heavens with a strategically aligned oculus.

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INTERIOR DESIGN YEARBOOK 2017: Susan Knof contributes on the topic of International Design

The Interior Design Yearbook is specifically aimed at architects, interior designers, specifiers, contractors and key designers in the sector.  The Interior Design Yearbook provides inspiring and original information on the trends of today and future innovations. It is a first class directory complimented by market predictions and expert analysis.

This year Creative Director, Susan Knof, contributed to the Yearbook discussing International Design.

Contributing designers have previously included Giorgio Armani, Tara Bernerd and Anouska Hempel, whose experience and insight into the interior design industry have proved invaluable to designers and suppliers alike.