20 Top Interior Design Maestros Share Their Tips & Tools

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Q: While designing a living area which essential factors should be taken care?

Susan: When designing a living area the essential factors I always consider relate to the natural elements. My number one priority is where  is the light coming from?

I am a total nature lover so I am always trying to create a layout that revolves around the view of the ever-changing outside world. I like to allow the light in and plan the arrangement around that. Another integral priority is the function. How will the space be used? Is it a place for a quiet retreat? Is it one to gather and entertain or is it a combination?  In this case a casual and considered flexible environment is important.

I love a place that encourages good flow. So I like to consider where the primary and secondary entrances are. Once the general layout and function is determined in comes the layers, the fun, and the style.